Techna Clip First Impressions

The Techna Clip is designed to allow owners of various pistols to carry concealed, without the need for a holster. The clip attaches to the pistol at various points, depending on the model of pistol you have. Pistols such as Glocks and M&Ps attach via the back plate that locks into the rear of the slide. Other pistols, such as the Ruger LCP, lock into place by utilizing a frame pin.

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Giveaways, Updates

TGG Giveaway Winners Chosen

First, I’d like to take a moment and thank everyone for their participation and support in this giveaway. We tried a new platform that makes it easier to enter, allows everyone more entries, and makes the whole process more enjoyable for everyone. We were very fortunate to run into very few glitches, and I want to thank everyone who brought them to our attention.

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The TGG Giveaway Ends 11-13!

The giveaway we’ve been running since October is finally coming to an end on Monday, November 13th!

You have until 11:45PM CST to get your final entries submitted. Everyone has done an amazing job getting bonus entries!

The winners will be randomly picked on Saturday, November 18th. We will email each winner to make shipping arrangements, and will publicly announce the winners on Monday, November 20th.

Good luck, everyone!


California Gun Control Hypocrisy

California claims to have the safety of its citizens in mind whenever they cram gun control legislation down gun owners’ throats. The irony of this can be seen in California politicians who have been simultaneously for gun control, and were convicted of gun trafficking. The prime example of this is former Senator Leland Yee.

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