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Liberal Gun Ownership Increasing

The recent election of Donald Trump is already having large effects on gun owners, with many new laws and repeals making their way through state legislatures. For those in the industry, the news has been mixed. In general, sales of firearms have dropped off since the election. Before Trump won the presidency, many felt that an incoming Clinton administration would seek to limit gun rights, and accordingly felt that they should stock up. Now, with Trump’s largely pro-gun stance, people are not in such a rush. There is one group, however, among whom gun sales and ownership is increasing – Liberals.

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Holosun Red Dot Sights – Budget Aimpoint?

When I first started getting into red dot sights, there were three major manufacturers everyone wanted: Aimpoint, EOTech and Trijicon. I personally preferred Aimpoint and Trijicon, because their battery life far exceeded that of EOTech. The only problem was I preferred EOTech’s reticle over Aimpoint and Trijicon. I ultimately purchased an Aimpoint PRO and still love it, but I always wished there was an optic with Aimpoint battery life and an EOTech reticle. Holosun has done just that with many of their red dot sights.

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