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What Are 80% Lowers?

The U.S. has some weird gun laws. Though we have more gun freedom than any other nation, we still have some odd laws. Take a look at 922 R, suppressor laws, and the way we determine what portion of a gun is a gun. With AR-15s and most handguns, the serialized lower receiver is the actual firearm. That one piece of a gun is considered the firearm. It’s treated no different from a complete AR-15, Glock, 1911, or any other firearm in the eyes of the federal government.

Every other gun part can come straight to your door, but an AR-15 lower requires an FFL. Another unique part of American firearms law is 80% lower receivers.

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Recurve Bow Review Favorites

In the sports of hunting and fishing, recurve bows are one type of tool that is used to catch game and fish. Recurve bows are long, curved, and designed for quick shooting. They are inexpensive and user-friendly, and a good option for those who are newcomers to the archery scene. Recurve bows usually come with a draw weight of somewhere between 40 and 50 pounds.

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Make Your Own Ruger 10/22 Gatling Gun

If you’ve ever wanted your own rapid-fire gun but didn’t want to burn a hole in your wallet from ammo costs, you’ve probably come to the same conclusion as me: 22 Long Rifle. It’s cheap and relatively plentiful depending on what part of the country you’re in. You’ve no doubt looked at the price of a full-auto, transferable gun and realized you can’t or won’t pay that much. So what do you do? Build one yourself!

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