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The Top 10 Worst Modified Bubba Guns

In our list of The Top 10 Worst Modified Bubba Guns, we looked for the worst example of gun modifications we could find. For those not familiar with the term “bubba gun”, it’s a gun that has been poorly modified to look more modern, more “cool”, or a poor attempt at making a gun more functional. In any of the scenarios, the end result isn’t pretty. Remember, don’t be a Bubba!

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“Just Hit It with A Hammer” – An Adventure in Bad Gunsmithing

I think it’s reasonably safe to say that, at one point in their life, all gun owners have made some sort of modification, addition or customization to one or more of their guns. The first “high-powered” rifle I ever owned was a Yugoslavian SKS I purchased from a local sporting goods store. I remember grinning with excitement as I smelled the gun solvent and hot water stripping the cosmolene from the rifle. The rifle was reasonably accurate out to 100 yards, and I enjoyed shooting it for many months before I entertained the idea of removing its wood stock.

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