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Smith & Wesson Shield 500-Round Test

My Smith & Wesson Shield in 9mm has seen a lot of rounds put through it, so I thought now would be a good time to write an article about it. Normally it wouldn’t be such a big thing, since the Shield has been out for quite some time now. Many people have done reviews on it, and many have put 500 rounds through it like I have. Unlike most people, I’m extremely critical of how a gun operates when it’s dirty. Every gun worth having should work when clean, but any gun worth carrying should go above and beyond that. I hold all my guns to that level, whether they are for carrying or just a range toy.

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California Gun Control Hypocrisy

California claims to have the safety of its citizens in mind whenever they cram gun control legislation down gun owners’ throats. The irony of this can be seen in California politicians who have been simultaneously for gun control, and were convicted of gun trafficking. The prime example of this is former Senator Leland Yee.

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The 8 Crucial Steps to Follow to Survive A Mass Shooting

When you are out in public, whether it be shopping in your local mall or attending a large event, it is always good planning to prepare for danger. Las Vegas, one of the most tragic shootings in the US, is another somber reminder of what could happen to us and our loved ones. That is why it’s very important to keep an eye our for anything suspicious, and to remain prepared no matter where you are. And yes, this applies to just about any situation, whether you’re in the office or running errands outside the house.

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What They Don’t Tell You About Silencers

Whether you’re hunting or doing it as a hobby, handling a gun is way different from using a crossbow or recurve bow. It isn’t only about the positioning and the way you aim at a target, but by the sound as well! Not only does a gun have recoil, but it creates a rather loud “bang”. Many movies and television shows would have us think that handling a gun’s noise isn’t a huge deal. But let me tell you this: You WILL need to take precaution and acquaint yourself with how to handle the sound. This is where a suppressor plays an important role.

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Guest Post on Popucrime

With the Vegas shooting having shocked us all, the gun control crowd shook it off and proceeded to use the dead bodies as a soap box for their agenda.

In response to their callousness, and Congress’ knee-jerk legislation, I’ve published an article with my observations and opinions on the whole situation.

You can find it on Popucrime, by clicking here.

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How to Carry Your Guns on A Boat

An awesome activity many hunters love is fishing. Besides being a cool sport, it’s also a way to relax and stay peaceful when in the waters. But what people wonder about when fishing would be if they are allowed to carry guns while on a boat. To help you out, I’ll be talking about factors to consider when carrying your gun while fishing, and how to do so.

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