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Guns & Drugs – ATF Form 4473 Question 11e

When I asked on Twitter what articles people would like to see on the website, I imagined it would be regarding product reviews, ballistics tests, dispelling gun-related myths, etc. Instead, the first request I received was to cover the new ATF Form 4473 required for every retail gun purchase. Specifically, they asked about Question 11e, which asks about controlled substance use. The issue itself is fairly simple, but the sources themselves are a bit scattered when trying to arrive at a definitive “line in the sand”.

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What Are 80% Lowers?

The U.S. has some weird gun laws. Though we have more gun freedom than any other nation, we still have some odd laws. Take a look at 922 R, suppressor laws, and the way we determine what portion of a gun is a gun. With AR-15s and most handguns, the serialized lower receiver is the actual firearm. That one piece of a gun is considered the firearm. It’s treated no different from a complete AR-15, Glock, 1911, or any other firearm in the eyes of the federal government.

Every other gun part can come straight to your door, but an AR-15 lower requires an FFL. Another unique part of American firearms law is 80% lower receivers.

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