The Good Gun’s focus is on education about guns, knives and gear. Our readers are a loyal, diverse group who look for quality products and services to fit their equally diverse needs.

As our readers are loyal to us, so are we to those who choose us as an advertising partner.

Benefits of Advertising with Us

Multiple Audiences

As an advertising partner, you have multiple platforms to choose from:
TGG weekly newsletter

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Advertising Options

Native Advertising

This option provides the largest possible audience and exposure through the website, Twitter (Re-posted four times per month), Facebook and weekly newsletter. Exposure is accomplished through a “sponsored post”, which is automatically published to these platforms once your sponsored post goes live (with the exception of the newsletter, which publishes every Monday). Self-authored posts are the most cost-effective. We also offer a TGG-authored post option as well.

Self-authored Post Cost: $10 per post*
TGG-authored Post Cost: $55 per post**
*All posts must be submitted for verification and meet our minimum requirements to be published.
**All TGG-authored posts will be submitted for review before publishing.

YouTube Reviews

Video reviews are a great way to reach a large audience and increase awareness of your product and/or service. With over 12,000 subscribers and 2,000,000 views, we know exactly how to get your video promoted quickly, but also continue to bring in additional views as it grows in popularity.

Video reviews start at $70, which includes filming, editing and promotion.

Monthly Ad Placements

We have several ad locations that are ideal for gaining readers’ attention, if you prefer a longer-term advertising solution.

Location: Before Post Content
This ad is located below the post title and before the content, providing the greatest ad exposure on the website.

Maximum Width: 728 pixels
Maximum Height: 300 pixels

Cost: $15/month

Location: After Post Content
This ad is located at the end of every post.

Maximum Width: 728 pixels
Maximum Height: 300 pixels

Cost: $10/month

Location: Newsletter Top
This ad is located below the email newsletter banner, but before the main content of the email.

Maximum Width: 1020 pixels
Maximum Height: 200 pixels

Cost: $5/month

Location: Newsletter Bottom
This ad is located after the email newsletter “Recent Articles” section, but before the newsletter footer.

Maximum Width: 1020 pixels
Maximum Height: 200 pixels

Cost: $5/month

Package Discounts

If you’re interested in more than one of our ad locations, or would like to run your ad longer than one month, we have some great discounts for you!

Multiple Ads
15% off each additional ad location

Extended Ad Campaign
15% off the total cost when purchasing 3 or more months of advertising

Taking advantage of both discounts gets you 30% off!

If you have a unique size ad, we’re more than happy to discuss alternative arrangements!