An AR-15 by Any Other Name Would Smell as Sweet

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”, or so goes the line in Shakespeare’s epic Romeo and Juliet. Star crossed lovers as they were, it was clear to both that the name of the object of their affection didn’t matter. While it might sound peculiar to start a gun blog off with a little Shakespeare, at 80% Lowers we are convinced that whatever name, title or designation the latest State Legislature wants to give to our beloved AR-15 build, it will now and forever smell just as sweet.

The Smell of A Clean AR-15 in The Morning

The truth is that the AR variety of weapons and their military ancestors have a long love history with the American public. Since men of valor first visited the jungles of Vietnam, through today as warriors battle through the mountains of Afghanistan, this weapon is classic Americana. Veterans have reported that some of their fondest memories took place cleaning this beloved weapon, with the smell of CLP flirting through the air.

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One simply cannot legislate these emotions away overnight. So perhaps it is because we here at 80% Lowers are immersed with the inner workings of the AR-15 that we realize you can call it by any other name, but it will smell as sweet. We have plenty of customers who, against their natural desires, are forced to make their AR-15s compliant with California law. So we offer the CA-Compliant Classic Lower Kit.

Why spend the time and money to make your Constitutionally-protected weapon compliant with a rogue State Legislature? Because in the end, the avid AR-15 enthusiast knows it will smell just as sweet in the morning. We currently live in an age where the term “Assault Rifle” has become the catchphrase for destroying an industry and banning our freedom. Well, the truth is that you can rename the AR-15 the “Frankenstein Assault Death Pew Machine” and it will smell just as sweet in the morning.

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There Are Many AR-15s Like It But This One Is Yours

The rifleman’s creed, made famous by the movie Full Metal Jacket, is repeated by generations of Marines, for decades. Ask a Marine who slept by his weapon every night on deployment if he would fail to recognize the weapon that was his. There are many AR-15s out there in the world, but we offer a variety of customizations because we know that your first and foremost concern is what makes an AR-15 yours.

There are a variety of prices and a plethora of options, but all recognize the inner beauty of a gun that is yours. There can be many like it, but none will replace yours when your family needs it most. What’s the right build for you? The simplest answer is that you will know it when you feel it. We offer education, quality products and the reassurance that whatever our aggressive legislatures might try we will be there with an AR-15 build for you. Call it by any other name and modify with any other equipment, but an AR-15 by any other name will always smell just as sweet to the freedom-loving American who knows the value of a good “pew pew pew”.

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