The Barrel Rests in My Gun Safe Are Too High

I saved up and bought my first gun cabinet. I was so excited as I finished installing everything. That excitement faded, as I realized all of the barrel rest were much too high to hold any of my guns. Most gun safes and cabinets are designed to hold traditional long guns, where the shotgun or rifle barrel is considerably longer than 16 inches. This wasn’t going to hold my AR-15, AK47, Ruger 10/22 or even my Remington 870. I dreaded the thought of having to drill holes in the side and re-attach the barrel rests. For a gun safe owner, this typically isn’t even an option.

Alternatives to Barrel Rests That Are Too High

Fortunately there are a few options to get around this issue, depending on whether you have a gun safe or a gun cabinet. Regardless of which storage method you own, the solutions are relatively inexpensive, which certainly came as a surprise to me.

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Gun Safes

For gun safes, the cheapest method is to use a long, wooden dowel rod in each barrel, so that the dowel rod rests against an upper shelf (If your safe has one). Everything stays in place using tension, and won’t damage the barrel.

As Tactical-Reviews pointed out on Twitter, hairbands and thumbtacks also work well.

If you don’t have a shelf in your safe or don’t like the idea of a wooden dowel rod, you can also use rifle rods. You start by stapling a sheet of Velcro to the underside of a shelf or the top portion of the safe. The rifle rods contain a Velcro tip, which adhere to the newly-added liner. Simply drop the rod into the barrel of a gun, then slide up until it firmly connects with the liner, and you’re done!

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Gun Cabinets

I chose the cheaper route and went with a gun cabinet. Because it’s cheaper there, is no fire board. Since the metal body of the gun cabinet is magnetic, I went on Amazon and started searching for magnetic hooks. I was able to find some very sturdy hooks for $17.48/2 hooks. I’ve linked the picture to the product on Amazon for those who are considering purchasing some.

There are smaller hooks available at a cheaper price. I decided against them since their diameter is smaller, and would’ve left less or no room if a larger-diameter barrel were used with it.

Here’s what they look like inside my cabinet.

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The beauty of using magnetic hooks is you can customize the height for each gun, and it’s never permanent. Now if only we could get manufacturers to build their gun safes and gun cabinets so the barrel rests had the option of being mounted lower. I can dream…

If you’ve found additional solutions that are inexpensive, feel free to comment below!

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