Free Product Advertising

We recently ran a poll on Twitter to find out if our readers would be interested in us offering free advertising to companies for their products. The benefit for this would be to the viewers, who would be updated on the latest products coming to the market. The response was an overwhelming “Yes!”. You spoke, and we listened.

Any company looking for free advertising for their product can now request it through our advertising page. Products that are promoted will show up on our YouTube channel, here on the website, Twitter, and Facebook.

As an example, suppose Fostech asked us to promote their AR2 Echo Trigger for them. We would first create a YouTube review, which notifies 12,000+ subscribers. It would also be embedded in a post here, on TGG, along with a short write-up.

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In addition, the post will also be sent out on Twitter, to be seen by our 12,000+ followers. Lastly, it will also show on our Facebook page.

Combined, these platforms offer a potential audience of 30,000+ people! And yes, it’s all FREE!

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Tyler Capobres has years of experience torture testing guns, knives and gear to their limit. If he's not writing about gun projects, reviewing products or mocking anti-gun zealots on Twitter, you'll find him at the range. Owner of, a website dedicated to all gun and knife enthusiasts. Author of "Punching Holes", a book showing how anyone can save 15-40% on guns, ammo, knives and more, by purchasing them at wholesale prices.

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