The Book Every Gun Owner Must Read


As the title says, if there’s one book every gun owner should read, this is it. Many of you have been waiting patiently for my book to finally be released, and it has paid off. I present my new book:

Unlike the title, the book itself is a quick read. In it I explain exactly how to go about purchasing guns, ammunition, accessories, knives and tactical gear at 15-40% off retail. I got tired of spending my hard-earned money on accessories, knives, gear, etc., that all were marked up at least 15-40%. I decided to keep more of it for myself.

Note: Some people were placed on a private list when I first hinted at the book, and they asked for an early copy. Please do not purchase it yet. I have sent each of you an email, containing a coupon code for the book. Please check your email first.

The book is currently available in paperback, on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. It is also available in ebook format on Kindle, and a few other formats on Smashwords. As a side note, buy the paperback through Amazon if you intend to also purchase it in ebook format, so you get a discount off the ebook price. Eventually the book will be available through Kobo, iBooks, and many other major ebook platforms. In the near future, I will be creating a dedicated page to it, and will update with links to the various platforms as it becomes available on them.

If you’re not sold yet, I’ve made a portion of the book publicly available to sample on Smashwords (link listed below).

Amusingly enough, Amazon and Barnes & Noble are already having a pricing war on it, so take advantage of the sale while it lasts!
Note: As of writing this post, Amazon is slightly cheaper.

After reading the book, please remember to review it, and also share it with your friends and family!

Buy it on paperback – Amazon
Buy it on paperback – Barnes & Noble
Buy it on Kindle – Amazon
Buy it on ebook or read a sample – Smashwords


The author

Tyler Capobres has years of experience torture testing guns, knives and gear to their limit. If he's not writing about gun projects, reviewing products or mocking anti-gun zealots on Twitter, you'll find him at the range. Owner of, a website dedicated to all gun and knife enthusiasts. Author of "Punching Holes", a book showing how anyone can save 15-40% on guns, ammo, knives and more, by purchasing them at wholesale prices.

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