The Civilian Marksmanship Program to Poor People: No 1911 Pistols for You


Many have eagerly awaited information on exactly how the Civilian Marksmanship Program plans to release the incoming shipment of World War 2 1911 pistols. Even more important to those waiting is the price they plan to charge. I literally scoffed out loud as I read their plans regarding sales and pricing.

According to information given to The Gun Writer, pricing for even low grade World War II era 1911 pistols will be anywhere from $800 to $1,000. North Marketing Manager, Steve Cooper, explained that despite conducting two background checks (Yes, you read that correctly – TWO) in order to receive the pistol, his fear is that the guns will somehow fall into the hands of criminals. Even worse, he fears those criminals might use the guns to commit “a liquor store robbery”. He fears that would reflect poorly on the Civilian Marksmanship Program, despite two background checks.

Not only does he not want you to be able to use one of these World War 2 1911 pistols as a functional sidearm, but he certainly doesn’t want poor people to have them. Because you know the majority of poor people aren’t preoccupied with trying to pay bills, and have plenty of time to rob liquor stores, with guns purchased using money meant for bills, groceries and clothes.

It’s a sad day when the average American can’t afford a piece of their own history because of some misguided, ignorant fools. For $800 to $1,000 I can go buy a high-end 1911 that’s not rusted-up, with a shot-out barrel. I think I’ll pass and spend my money on something that works, and maybe have some money left over for ammo. A Rock Island Armory GI 1911 sells for about $500. Is it a piece of history? No. It’s also not a $1,000+ gun you’ll never shoot.

If you do buy one for $1,000+ and shoot it, good luck hitting anything. “Marksmanship Program” indeed. Oh the irony.


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