What They Don’t Tell You About Silencers


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What They Don’t Tell You About Gun Silencers

Whether you’re hunting or doing it as a hobby, handling a gun is way different from using a crossbow or recurve bow. It isn’t only about the positioning and the way you aim at a target, but by the sound as well! Not only does a gun have recoil, but it creates a rather loud “bang”. Many movies and television shows would have us think that handling a gun’s noise isn’t a huge deal. But let me tell you this: You WILL need to take precaution and acquaint yourself with how to handle the sound. This is where a suppressor plays an important role.

Read on as I show you the importance of suppressors!

What Are Silencers?

The correct term for a “silencer” is a suppressor, which only reduces the noise a weapon makes (Hence it doesn’t make a gun “silent”). It does this through reducing pressure waves from the gun’s propellant gases, which are created when the firing pin hits the bullet’s primer and ignites the gunpowder inside the casing. This isn’t the only thing that makes the gunshot loud, which is why it only reduces the noise, rather than silence it completely.

So while the gun is still loud when shot, it’s safer for your ears. It can reduce the sound by up to 43 decibels, though this would depend on your gun, its barrel, the suppressor, and where you are shooting.

Are Suppressors Quiet?

No, they do not silence the gun but only reduce the noise levels. But that doesn’t mean that it isn’t a vital accessory to have when shooting. Whether you’re hunting or shooting for target practice, I urge you to invest in a suppressor and ear protection to avoid any injuries or hearing damage.
Not only do suppressors help with your hearing, but they improve your accuracy and reduce the fatigue felt from firing (both in sound and recoil). It also prevents you from revealing your position as easily when hunting.

Remember to choose a quality suppressor compatible with your weapon. Keep in mind that you want something that performs well, but is also light and easy to attach to your weapon. Besides that, always remember to wear hearing protection and practice the proper positioning to avoid the noise and recoil from reaching your ears too much.

In Conclusion

With all the talk and assumptions on how loud a gun is, you’d be surprised that the noise can ruin your hearing if you don’t invest in the right accessories, which includes a suppressor. I hope I helped inform you about the true use of a suppressor (and how it isn’t a silencer)! So don’t wait any longer, and invest in these accessories to ensure a safe hunt or shooting session today.

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