Side Folding Mossberg Shotgun for A Trunk Gun


Shotguns are the most versatile long gun, due to the innumerable selection of shells available. Ranging from typical birdshot to armor piercing incendiary slugs, shotguns do it all. It’s for this reason I chose to convert my Mossberg Maverick Model 88 12 gauge into a trunk gun for my car. I already had the dehumidifier system in place, so all I needed was a new, shorter barrel, and I wanted a side-folding stock for it.

I was able to find a relatively inexpensive factory replacement barrel for the Mossberg 500, which also fits the Model 88. Instead of the longer barrel some of you may have seen in my previous article on The Truth About Guns, it now sports a much shorter barrel. I also added a Mako Group folding stock for compactness.

The issue I ran into with the stock, however, is the factory forend prevented the stock from fully locking into position. Conversely, the stock also made cycling the shotgun more difficult, due to rubbing against the stock.

Rather than spend another $60+ on a new forend, and another $20 to have a spanner wrench shipped to me, I marked where I needed to trim the stock back and pulled out my Dremel.

Ten minutes later I had the forend trimmed down to where it would allow the stock to fold without any issues.

As a last precaution, I plan to add a black rubber balloon to the tip of the barrel, to prevent moisture from getting inside. It may not be necessary since I already have the dehumidifier system keeping humidity below 45%, but it will break away without issue when a shot is fired, so I’m really not worried about it.

Stay tuned for the next article, where I’ll cover what shotgun ammo to keep with you for your trunk gun, and how to maximize its effectiveness!


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