How to Teach Children Gun Safety


Teaching children about gun safety is the best method for preventing an unfortunate accident in the event they come across an unsecured firearm. While the NRA’s Eddie Eagle program seeks to educate children, it always meets with opposition from the anti-gun crowd. Naturally, if a household has no experience with guns and aren’t taught gun safety elsewhere, the likelihood of tragedy happening when an uneducated child encounters a gun is almost certain.

Teaching Gun Safety Without A Gun

What if there was an easy way parents could educate their kids on basic gun safety? One such author, Yehuda Remer, has done just that. Most everyone who owns a gun is familiar with the Four Rules of Gun Safety. Those who don’t own guns, or never grew up with them and are just starting to get into them, are at a disadvantage without having grown up in the “gun culture”. Remer’s book, titled “Safety On”, is designed to teach children proper gun safety using basic concepts and pictures.

Taking It One Step Further

In addition to promoting basic gun safety, it also teaches kids additional best practices to follow, such as safe storage, how to properly act while playing with toy guns, what to do when you find a gun, etc. It explains everything in simple terms that the kids can remember, without overly complex images.

If you’re looking to better explain gun safety to your children, I’d highly recommend sharing it with them. It’s never too early to introduce kids to proper gun safety.


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