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The Barrel Rests in My Gun Safe Are Too High

I saved up and bought my first gun cabinet. I was so excited as I finished installing everything. That excitement faded, as I realized all of the barrel rest were much too high to hold any of my guns. Most gun safes and cabinets are designed to hold traditional long guns, where the shotgun or rifle barrel is considerably longer than 16 inches. This wasn’t going to hold my AR-15, AK47, Ruger 10/22 or even my Remington 870. I dreaded the thought of having to drill holes in the side and re-attach the barrel rests. For a gun safe owner, this typically isn’t even an option.

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Free Product Advertising

We recently ran a poll on Twitter to find out if our readers would be interested in us offering free advertising to companies for their products. The benefit for this would be to the viewers, who would be updated on the latest products coming to the market. The response was an overwhelming “Yes!”. You spoke, and we listened.

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Can I Build an AR15 in California?

A simple question with a less-than-simple answer. Can I build an AR15 in California? The shorter answer currently is, no, you cannot build a traditional AR15 in California. For a detailed answer, we suggest consulting a firearms lawyer who is versed in California firearms law. However, this article will go into a little about why you can or cannot build an AR15 in California, the reasons why, and what you CAN build.

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